Shannon is no stranger to the spotlight. This Playboy model is most recognizable to fans for co-hosting, modeling, and working on comedy sketches during her three year run on “The X Show on FX. The blonde bombshell is a regular on the pages of FHM and other “lad” mags and she’s had acting success as well. This knockout blonde played the very funny Kit Dennehey in the HBO series “The Comeback” starring Lisa Kudrow. Director Michael Patrick King (Sex In The City) says it was his sexiest character ever created. In addition, Shannon also lit up the small screen on “Mad TV” and has also guested on “The Chelsea Handler Show” doing sketches with Chelsea and “Las Vegas” acting opposite Josh Duhamel. Shannon has also had some success on the big screen, playing along side Clint Howard as Jasmine in the horror flick Big Bad Wolf, and other film roles include starring in Séance, with Adam West and Corey Feldman.

You may also recognize her from various music videos for big names like George Michael, Sugar Ray, Cisqo, and Marilyn Manson. In George Michael’s music video “Freeek” Shannon plays the ultimate woman created in the womb of a machine, which won the MVPA of 2003 (the award for best international video of the year) – the most expensive video ever made to date. Shannon can also be seen as the host of “Benchwarmer Trading Cards” behind the scenes video, co- hosting the first episode of “Super Model Sports,” which premiered on Spike TV, hosting the Capital Records DVD for double platinum recording artist Zane, and catching up on the latest celebrity chatter as a host of Showtime’s “On The Red Carpet”. Shannon is also one of America’s greatest exports taking the poster market by storm, she’s had many posters sold at Tower, Spencers, K-Mart and all over internationally. Her “American Beauty” poster sold out for years. It is the most requested item since grandma’s cookies to the servicemen defending our country!

If you ask Shannon what her greatest accomplishment is to date, she will squeal with excitement and begin showing you photos of her little boy. Shannon’s son Vallon is the product of Shannon’s relationship with Rock Star Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille.

It’s a family tradition. It’s no surprise she’s sexy and funny concentrating on comedy improv. Shannon’s great-grandmother was named one of the most beautiful women on Broadway. She was also in the Zeigfield Follies and danced with Fanny Brice and is featured in the famous NY museum. Her great-grandfather was in Vaudeville, danced on Broadway, and was a well-known teacher to such stars as Gwen Verdon, Ginger Rogers, and even Joan Crawford.